Sea freight

Sea transport as part of logistical solutions.

We are also your reliable, punctual and cost-effective partner when it comes to shipping and ocean freight transports, because we know that modern sea transports do not begin and end in port. The final destination is usually reached by subsequent rail, truck or inland vessel transport - the core competencies in which our team's specialists have excelled and developed for 40 years through experience and profession.

A big advantage of sea freight transports lies in the relatively low costs, especially in comparison to air freight. After all, these very low sea freight costs have enabled global trade and distribution and, ultimately, economic globalization. Based on the weight of the goods, ocean freight still accounts for 80 percent of international goods trade.

As specialists in all areas of transport logistics, we naturally also offer all services for worldwide container transports, which increasingly form the basis of ocean freight transports, from picking up your goods by truck or on the rail network to the corresponding ports via the fast transhipment up towards reliable transport as sea freight overseas. As in all other areas, we work exclusively with carefully selected and proven carriers to ensure the highest level of reliability and flexibility.

  • We organize...

    .... the transport of your cargo from collection to delivery in the recipient country.

  • We organize your import

    We are pleased to handle the customs clearance required for importing goods from third countries. Even with cross-border postal and courier shipments via DHL, Fedex or UPS, we handle the customs clearance on your behalf.

  • Zollabwicklung

    Goods that are transported across the borders of the European Union are subject to VAT regulations and EU law in the form of customs duties, import and export prohibitions and embargoes.