Rail freight

Environmentally friendly transport of your freight

Rail freight transport has become significantly more relevant in recent years. This trend will continue in the future due to increasing transport volumes, higher costs of personnel, of energy and of infrastructure, and above all, a growing awareness of environmental issues.

In particular, the liberalization of rail transport in 1994 set a clear example, as laws and regulations now regulate free network access by rail, which gives railway companies the right to use tracks of third companies for their own transport. This also led to the founding of new railway companies, that often do not run an own infrastructure at all, but only carry out transports in the foreign rail network.

Thereupon, because of the increased competition, customers now have the opportunity to choose between different providers. Nowadays, railway companies cooperate closely with each other in entire transport chains. We work exclusively with selected and proven carriers to provide reliability and flexibility.



Take advantage of our storage space - we have a warehouse with a storing capacity of 2,850 m┬▓ in the east of Frankfurt with direct access to the rail network. Our external ramp allows the loading of even the most bulky goods. With the railway siding at the warehouse, we provide our customers with the interface to rail freight transport.

  • Auslieferung von Waren aller Art.

    Domestic transport

    We reliably handle the delivery of your goods to your customers throughout Germany.

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  • Lager & Logistik - eine Dienstleistung von Advance Logistix


    Our storage areas are not just serving as transshipment warehouses. Rather, we offer you a variety of services in our 2,850 m┬▓ large warehouse

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  • Customs clearance

    Goods that are transported across the borders of the European Union are subject to VAT regulations and EU law in the form of customs duties, import and export prohibitions and embargoes.

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