Land transport

Your strong partner for transports for domestic and international transports!

Secure the decisive competitive edge with groundbreaking transport solutions for land transport. We are the competent partner for tailor-made concepts for our customers in the industry and in trade, and delight with the highest possible quality, flexibility and passion. If you want to be one of the winners, let our highly qualified teams of experts show you the best way to plan, coordinate and monitor your transport, and trust the good feeling of working with one of the leading service providers for customized "custom logistics".


As a forwarding agency, we live on the forwarding of your freight to third carriers. But many jobs can be carried out more easily and cost-effectively in self-employment. For this reason, we have our own small fleet with vehicle sizes from caddy to semi-trailer. This makes us flexible and prepared for most jobs. In particular, we are on the move with our own vehicles and staff on the road and with your eventual loading modalities. But also pick-ups and collections of your export goods, which can be easier to send from our warehouse with large semi-trailer of third carriers and vice versa the delivery of your incoming container goods from import shops, we cover exclusively our own vehicle capacity.

In our vehicles, we rely on models of the latest generation. In 2017, we replaced our tractor-trailer and our Sprinter with new cars. So we are always safe and environmentally friendly on your behalf.


- Vans: 1.6 meters up to 500 kg
- Sprinters: 3.2 meters up to 1,250 kg
- Trucks: 5.6 meters up to 2,300 kg
- Trucks: 6.0 meters up to 3,400 kg
- Trucks: 7.2 meters up to 7,800 kg
- Semi-trailer: 13.6 meters up to 22.000 kg
- Trailer: 6.0 meters up to 7.500 kg
- Trailer: 7.2 meters up to 7.500 kg

  • In particular, in domestic goods traffic often have short-term deliveries arrive quickly and safely at the recipient. Due to our specialization also in domestic transport, we are your reliable partner and offer you a national delivery service within 24 (maximum) 48 hours.

  • International freight transport is often accompanied by a combination of different modes of transport. Whether on the road, rail, sea or in the air: our competence lies in the creation of a logistics concept that is individually tailored to the customer's transport needs in order to guarantee the highest possible efficiency and adherence to schedules while at the same time offering attractive pricing.

  • Our core competences include transport - both individual orders and fixed tours under service contracts. We also guarantee you great experience and reliability for heavy haulage, whose overall planning and implementation we provide from a single source.