Land Transport

International traffic

As world export champion, most important national economy of the EU and the geographical center of Europe, Germany occupies an outstanding position in the worldwide flow of goods. Forwarders, carriers, shipping and other logistics companies benefit from the need for international transport solutions. Frankfurt Airport has the highest cargo volume in Europe, Duisburg is home of the world's largest inland port and Hamburg has the third largest port in Europe. The autobahn network of Germany connects East with West and North with South Europe.

Internationale Transporte mit Advance Logistix GmbH, Frankfurt a.M.

Your exports and imports in experienced hands

As a freight forwarder, it is our job to get your freight moving - safely, reliably and worldwide! On behalf of our customers, we have already exported shipments to 78 countries around the world - and counting! We use freight platforms to network with certified and proven logistics companies from all over the world in order to find the optimal transport solution for your need. We take your exports abroad as well as your imports to Germany.

The truck as the main means of transport

We carry out the majority of our international orders on the road. The truck is the most important means of transport in intra-European freight distribution and offers many advantages over the other modes of transport: It is fast and flexible and saves unnecessary reloading as it reaches the loading stations directly. With its range of around 600 km per day, it reaches almost all European destinations within three working days. Modern semitrailers transport up to 25 tons carrying capacity, small consignments are transported to their destination with smaller transporters or as an additional load on a collective transport. Of course, we also ship your consignments by air and sea to reach all locations in the world.

Services offered by Advance Logistix GmbH

  • Von klein bis groß - Advance Logistix kann alles!

    From small to big ...

    ... we can provide our customers cars and trucks for transports of any kind. Please talk to us!

  • Spezialtransporte von Advance Logistix.

    Special transports

    You have to plan a special transport? Our network can provide special transports for every occasion.