We bring your freight everywhere - there is only one airport!

Above all, due to the increasing division of labor in the global economy and the increasing proportion of high-quality goods in foreign trade, no other mode of transport has achieved such high growth rates in transport services over the past decades as the cargo plane.

The advantages of airfreight describe exactly the basics of our corporate philosophy:

Speed: No other mode of transport can achieve a shorter journey on medium and long-haul routes.

Safety: In addition to the decisive short transport time, the vibration-free environment as well as the independence from the effects of nature during transport play an important role.

Reliability: Schedules are usually less subject to uncertainty than other modes of transport and route planning, so schedules can be met accurately, practically meticulously.

With import as well as export we accompany you at many German airports thanks to our sustainably developed partner network and take over thereby all accruing customs formalities, so that your commodity reaches the goal fast, safely and reliably - wherever in the world.

We work exclusively with carefully selected and proven carriers to provide you with maximum reliability and flexibility.

  • We organize...

    .... the transport of your cargo from collection to delivery in the recipient country.

    Advantages of air freight:

    - Speed - aircraft guarantee the shortest journey time.
    - Safety - Gentle transport of goods, short transport time.
    - Reliability - Flight plans are usually kept to the minute.
    - Low costs - Storage costs and waiting times are reduced.

  • ULD

    Airfreight containers, also called unit load devices (ULDs), are pallets and containers used to load luggage, cargo and mail on widebody aircraft. They enable large volumes of goods to be bundled in large units. Mostly they are made of aluminum sheet and allow easy fixation of the cargo in the aircraft.

    Each container has its own IATA code and can therefore be clearly identified.

  • Dangerous goods by air freight

    For the transport of dangerous goods by air freight, the dangerous goods regulations IATA-DGR (International Air Transport Association - Dangerous Goods Regulations) must be observed. This is the set of rules for the transport of dangerous goods by air.
    On this basis, we ensure that your air freight shipments not only leave the airport punctually, but also reach your customers on time.